Year 2015-16

Three initiatives were undertaken in this year :

1.Scholarship: The scholarship amount was again increased this year and the total amount distributed was Rs. 51, 500. This was done on Aug 1, 2015, in presence of Mrs. Mandatai Jadhav, Deputy Sarpanch, Wagholi and Mr. Naresh Garg, Director Gagan Developers. The trustee, Smt. Nirmaladevi Satav, Mrs. Vaishali Tiwari and Chairman Mr. Bharat Tiwari, were present on this occasion. Also present were the Riverside Lions Club members including their chairperson Mr. Anand and Secretary Mr. Darshan Rana. The students and staff of Vishunji Shekoji High School actively participated in this function.

2.VSSVP Trust sponsored a training program hosted by Riverside Lions Club at Hotel Mapel on Sept 14-15 2015. Under this program 34 teachers from 17 schools were trained by Mrs. Archana Bhat, a renowned educationist.

The teachers were coached on how to counsel students in the areas of

  • Managing adolescent problem
  • Handling addiction related issues of students
  • Encouraging students to lead a healthy life

3.Between Feb 19-21 2016, VSSVP Trust again sponsored a second training program hosted by Riverside Lions Club at Hotel Elayat. This program was on the similar lines of which was hosted in Sept’15.

Under this program 30 new teachers from 4 different schools were trained by Mrs. Archana Bhat.