Year 2014-15

For the year 2014-15 the scholarship amount was increased to Rs. 23000 and the same was again distributed to meritorious students from schools in the village Wagholi. These scholarships were handed over in function on 1'st Aug 2014 which was presided by Mr. Naresh Garg, Director Gagan Developers. The trustees and students and staff of Vishunji Shekoji Satav School along with Mr. K.N. Nimbalkar Sir were present.

In this in addition to the scholarship, the trust, taking into account the requirements of the students, who have to face the hardship in the summer seasons decided to donate 15 ceiling fans which were fitted in different class rooms of Vishunji Shekoji Satav School. The trust also donated 13 cupboards to the school (Vishunji Shekoji Satav School), these cupboards were placed in the class room and the teacher room to facilitate the storage of various items.